My Passive Income Report – November 2019

Good morning guys! How are you? 😀 November has come to an end, and like every month I’m writing this article to share with you my Passive Income Report for November 2019. Before getting into the important topics, I would like to tell you that I’m trying to constantly improve my Report by adding interesting things, charts, etc. Please, if you have any ideas about how I can improve it, write a comment under this post. Thank you!

During November I added a new platform to my Investment Portfolio. In addition, there is huge news coming for you in the next month, so I suggest you to stay tuned. I gave you big anticipation about this in my article dedicated to my ETF Investment Strategy. Check it out if you’re interested in this topic. I did not change my current positions, I’m just letting them work.

Let me remind you that some weeks ago I published my first Amazon Kindle e-book. It is about the Financial Freedom Challenge, the Challenge that I created to direct your life towards Financial Freedom. To be honest, I was hoping to obtain better results with this ebook. I’m not a seller, and I’m working on it because I truly think it could be very useful for some of you.

Last thing before going to the hot topics: I suggest you to also read my previous Passive Income Report so you can have an idea of how my Passive Income is evolving month by month.

But how much Passive Income did I generate in November?

Earnings from P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding platforms

PlatformsInterests (€)Referral (€)Total (€)
Total (€)56,96102,30159,26

Earnings from my other Passive Income sources

Platform / SourcesEarnings (of which Referral) (€)
Amazon Associates0,23
E-Book Financial Freedom Challenge0,00
Target Circle7,09
DiversityFund97,00 (72,00)
SolidTradeBank10,00 (8,00)

Total Passive Income: 274,68 EUR

Comments about P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding

To be honest, this month I obtained a modest result compared to the previous ones, as you can see by yourself on the Income Graphs page. This is my worst result since July, and there is a simple explanation: in November I received fewer referral commissions.

Considering that this is the actual explanation, this result is not a problem for me. I do not have to count on these commissions. I just have to focus on the interests on my capital and in their increase (P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding earnings increased +2,37% compared to October). This increase is very positive and good for the future of my investments.

In any case, if I add the Passive Income generated in November to the previous total, I obtain a result of 3193,87€ of Passive Income in 2019. Considering that at the beginning of the year I expected a result in the range of 1000€-1500€, I couldn’t be happier. You can find my updated results in the dedicated pages: My Investment Portfolio and Income Graphs.

Now let’s analyze the results of every single platform. You can find their reviews in the P2P Lending and Real Estate Crowdfunding pages.


Another little drop in Mintos’ performance. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I’m making some experiments on the liquidity of Mintos Invest&Access. Two weeks ago I tried to sell all my Portfolio and in 3 days the platform sold almost 80% of my Invest&Access portfolio. Now I’m thinking if starting to use it again or not. I’ll let you know.

November return (counting only interest income): 0,81% (compared to 0,92% of October).


Grupeer’s performance increased a little in the last month, reaching a return of 0,96% (was 0,92% in October). I’m still very satisfied with how Grupeer is working and it is one of my favorite platforms.


EstateGuru’s performance is always pretty stable, and in November the return had been 0,82% (was 0,94% last month). I knew that the performance obtained in October was not the normality on this platform so I expected a decrease.

I still have in the portfolio the defaulted loan (#8162) I told you in the past Reports, but in November I got an update. In fact, the borrower is dealing with preparations for the sale of the collateral asset. After this, I’m quite positive about this loan. I’ll keep you updated in the next months. The interesting thing is understanding how the platform deals with defaulted loans, so I intend to share with you all the updates about this loan.

I remember you that if you register from this link we’ll both receive back 0,5% of the investment that you make in the first 3 months. Join EstateGuru now! 🙂


My best month ever on Envestio. In November I got an incredible result of 1,60% (was 1,45% last month). I’m still receiving great referral commissions (thanks guys!), but also the interests are constantly increasing and this is a great thing! In the last weeks, we had few projects on the platform but it’s not a problem for me because I have very little account balance for the moment.


Monthly interests are increasing due to the fact that I financed two new projects in the last months. In fact monthly return increased from 0,26% in October to 0,35% in November. It is still very low, but by now we know Housers so it’s nothing new.


A little decrease in Swaper’s performance in November: 0,97% (was 1,01% in October). However it’s a good result and in general I’m satisfied with this platform. Great month on Swaper for me.


Another great month on FastInvest for me. In November I got a return of 1,31% (was 1,37% in October). The only thing I would improve about this platform is the low transparency about loan originators. Apart from this, it’s pretty good.


As you probably know I withdrew all my balance some months ago. I only have two defaulted loans that pay me 0,08€ per month. I insert Twino in this Report just to be completely transparent with you guys.


Good increase in ViaInvest’s performance last month: 0,86% compared to 0,71% obtained in October. ViaInvest is one of the most stable platforms among the ones that I use, even if in the last months’ returns are being pretty unstable.


Below-the-average month on RoboCash for me. I got a return of 0,93%, very low compared to 1,26% of October but still a good result. But I know that returns on this platform are pretty volatile, so I do not worry.

Finally a chart that summarizes my Passive Income from the beginning of the year to the present, month by month:

Comments about my other Passive Income sources

Let’s start by talking about TargetCircle, the affiliation platform that I use. As you may remember, October had been an amazing month. On the contrary, November had been a bad month. Maybe because I was less present on the blog (sorry guys, I need to study!). In any case, I hope to get a better result in December 🙂

Another neutral month on Amazon Associates. Maybe I still have a little audience to get some results from this platform, but I intend to work hard on it in the next months. I’m doing some brainstorm to think about new interesting products to present to you. In November I got only 0,23€ in commissions.

It’s still available the possibility for the students to have 3 free months of Amazon Prime if they subscribe from this link. Besides after these first free 90 days, you will pay 50% less the annual subscription (18 EUR instead of 36 EUR). Students, don’t miss this opportunity!

As you probably know, some days ago I published my first e-book on Amazon. But I’m having some problems in selling copies, so I need to find out an effective strategy.

The two HYIPs that I use (SolidTradeBank and DiversityFund) made me earn a total of 107,00€ in November. The big part comes from DiversityFund, thanks to some referral commissions. Some of my readers are liking it! At the moment I have 26 active packs on DiversityFund (20x$25 packs and 6x$50 packs). In addition, last month I received commissions also on SolidTradeBank, for a total of 8,00€. I’m weekly withdrawing my balance on SolidTradeBank.

Now let’s talk about eToro, the trading platform I’m currently using to copy trade two traders (OlivierDanvel and kela-Leo). November had been a neutral month: the first trader gained 0,37%, while the second lost 0,34%. In total, I earned 0,74€ on my deposit of 500€ (about $555 at the moment of my deposit). Now I’m up of 1,88% since my deposit. I hoped for a better result, but as I always say this is an investment for the long-term.

The last platform that I added to my Investment Portfolio was Oval. It’s an app that allows us to save money and invest that money in instruments similar to ETFs. I have 145€ on this app, and in November it made me earn 0,36€, for a total return of 0.21%. Not so good for the moment.

Portfolio Composition

Like I said before, the last days of November I added a new platform to my Investment Portfolio. I’m talking about Celsius Network, which is a platform that allows us to earn interests on our crypto coins. In order to earn interests, you just have to deposit on the platform some crypto coins. The good thing is that you can withdraw your balance in every moment, it is not bound in any way. So I decided to deposit some of the BTC that I own (more or less 240$). From now on, every Monday I’ll receive an annual interest rate (distributed every Monday) of 4.10% on my BTC Balance. The interest rate varies from coin to coin and they vary, they are not constant over time.

I suggest you to check their website page in which they talk about all the rates. I deposited such sum because there is a $10 Bonus (in BTC) when you deposit at least $200 in crypto after your subscription to the platform. This is the link you can subscribe from to receive the bonus. Starting from the next Passive Income Report I’ll insert this platform in the report. As you can see in the image below, I already received my bonus:

News & Updates

I’m currently working on the Italian version of the Financial Freedom Challenge e-book. As you probably know on Amazon is already available the English version, that you can find it here. I hoped to be faster but in this period I also need to study for my latest Master Degree’s exams so I have very little time to devote to this.

As you probably understood, next month I’ll start to invest in ETFs. I talked about my ETF Investment Strategy in a dedicated post. I divided my initial capital into 4 tranches, and the first will be in December. I don’t write here again the 5 ETFs that I chose. if you’re interested in this topic, check out the article 🙂

Finally, some months ago I created an Instagram account for the blog. I’m pretty happy about how it’s evolving, and I’m trying to publish a post a day. It has almost 300 followers, that was the goal that I set for 2019. So please, follow me also on Instagram!

I hope you liked this new Report, and stay tuned for the next one! 😀

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