My Passive Income Report – October 2019

The tenth month of 2019 has come to an end. I’m so sad about this! Since I started writing this monthly report, it seems to me that time passes so fast. But let’s talk about useful things. Today I want to share with you my monthly Passive Income Report of October. I have some important updates for you, so keep reading!

During October I made some changes to my Investment Portfolio. I increased my balance on Oval using some bonuses I received and some savings. I anticipate that in the next weeks I’ll start writing about ETFs and my Investment Strategy, so if you’re interested in these topics subscribe to the blog and stay tuned!

Besides I published on Amazon my first e-book. It is the official e-book of the Financial Freedom Challenge, that is the Challenge which I created to allow you to direct your life towards Financial Freedom. Some numbers about the e-book: 64 pages, 31 challenges for 31 days, 1 important goal (revolutionize your Financial Life). Check it out!

By reading my previous Passive Income Report you can easily check out my latest results before going on with this reading. I suggest you to follow my path and its evolution.

But now let’s start!

Earnings from P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding platforms

PlatformsInterests (€)Referral (€)Total (€)
Total (€)55,64184,49240,13

My other Passive Income sources

Platform / SourcesEarnings (of which Referral) (€)
Amazon Associates2,49
E-Book Financial Freedom Challenge4,76
Target Circle82,59
DiversityFund53,00 (28,00)
SolidTradeBank5,00 (2,50)

Total Passive Income: 392,65 EUR


I confirm what I said last month: maybe these results may seem modest to you, but I assure you that for what were my expectations at the beginning of the year they are really incredible results and I can only be really happy about it!

With the Passive Income generated in October, I almost reached a total of 3000 EUR in Passive Income in 2019. For me, this is an incredible result! You can check my actual results in the pages Investment Portfolio and Income Graphs.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the platforms. I also wrote the review of every single platform I’m investing in. Check them out by reading the P2P Lending and Real Estate Crowdfunding pages.


A slight drop in monthly Mintos performances. October return (counting only interest income): 0,92% (compared to 1,08% of September). A brief update about Mintos Invest&Access: I started to use it at the beginning of June, and at the moment it made me earn 12,78 EUR (+4,27 EUR compared to September), a portfolio of 505.31 EUR and the 22.5% (13.6% last month) of the loans are in late with an average interest rate of 10.23% (10,37% last month). The situation is pretty stable.


The same drop and return as Mintos. After getting my best monthly return ever in September, in October I only obtained a return of 0,92% on Grupeer. However it’s a good return, and the platform is working really well.


A great increase in my performance on this platform. October return (counting only interest income): 0,94% (0,70% last months). In October a received a little referral commission.

I must tell you that one of the projects I funded went into default. Its identification number is #8162 and its name is “Business loan – 1.stage (Latvia)”. I hope to recover my money in the future. Fortunately, my stake on it is very very little.

If you register from this link we’ll both receive back 0,5% of the investment that you make in the first 3 months. Join EstateGuru now! 🙂


Another great month Envestio for me, thanks to huge referral commissions. In any case, I obtained also a super return (not counting the ref commissions). For the first time, I have reached the milestone of 10 EUR of monthly interests. October return (counting only interest income): 1,45% (1,49% last month).


I have nothing to say about Housers this month. The platform is still offering interesting offers for news investors but at the moment I would suggest them to choose other platforms (Envestio, Grupeer). My monthly return slightly dropped to 0,26%. Not so good.


Great month on Swaper for me. I obtained a high return during October: 1,01% (0,82% in September). If this return remains stable in the coming months it would be really great!


Incredible month on FastInvest! This platform seems very stable and interests are always in time for the moment. October return: 1,37% (1,12% last month). I don’t think this return remains stable in the next months, it is too high.


I’m slowly abandoning this platform. During March I withdrew more than 400 EUR from my balance and in October I recovered 0,08 EUR (return of 0,02%). I still have only 2 defaulted loans on Twino.


Bad month for me on ViaInvest. During October my return decreased a lot, reaching a monthly return of 0,71% (0,89% last month). Not so good, but I think that next month it will increase.


September had been my worst month ever on this platform. Fortunately, in October my return has returned to excellent levels. October return: 1,26% (0,77% last month).

Other Passive Income sources

As you saw above in October I got great results on TargetCircle, with a new maximum reached: 82,59 EUR (53,99 EUR last month). I’m really happy about this result, and I hope in the future to bring you more interesting opportunities present on TargetCircle and similar platforms.

Regarding Amazon Associates I got a very little commission (2,49 EUR). Someone bought two super interesting books from my links. Thank you, great buy! In addition, I would like to share with you the possibility for all the students to have 3 free months of Amazon Prime if they subscribe from this link. Besides after these first free 90 days, you will pay 50% less the annual subscription (18 EUR instead of 36 EUR). Students, don’t miss this opportunity!

On the two HYIPs that I use (SolidTradeBank and DiversityFund) everything is okay, and they made me earn a total of 58,00 EUR during October. In addition, I’m still withdrawing every Friday from SolidTradeBank because it is the day of the week in which I receive the weekly earnings.

On DiversityFund I picked up my initial investment, so even if the platform close I do not lose money. Moreover, I withdrew 10 more EUR, so I can say that I’m in profit with this platform. However, never forget that platforms like these can disappear from one day to another. Note that I inserted the referral links above. If you want to invest in them, my advice is to invest a very little amount of money.

My balance on eToro increased by 5,74 EUR in during October. I have 500 EUR on this platform and the return of the last month had been 1,14% (1,07% last month). This is the result I would like to achieve every month.

Last month I added Oval to my Investment Portfolio and gave you the first (positive) update about this platform. During October I added 35 EUR to my balance, splitting them on the two funds I was already investing in. I got a negative result (-2,04 EUR) but I’m not worried because this is a long-term investment in my view.

Portfolio Composition

Oval is the latest platform that I added to my Investment Portfolio. It’s an app that allows us to save more money (by rounding every purchase and investing the money) and also to invest in some instruments similar to ETFs. Use the code DCQYB2KU during your subscription to receive a 5 EUR bonus after your first successful transaction. The only change I made in October is adding 35 EUR to my Oval balance.

But I have great plans for the next months, so stay tuned!

News & Updates

During October we had the Financial Freedom Challenge on the blog. The last post of the challenge was published on 30 of October. Finally, it’s completely available on the blog and also I created the official e-book of the Challenge for those who prefer reading it on the Kindle. For the moment it’s available the English version, but I’m already working on the Italian one.

I’m still saving money because I want to start investing in ETFs within the end of the year. I already defined the strategy I want to follow and I’ll share it with you in the next weeks.

I tell you again that I entered the Million Dollar Club created by J. Money at I wrote an article about this incredible event. Check it out! Because of this starting from next months, I’ll dedicate a monthly article about my Net Worth update.

Moreover, I created an Instagram account for the blog. You can find it here: FinanceShot on Instagram. I intend to publish one content per day (could be a quiz, a post, an old post, an infographic and so on…). In any case, I suggest you to Follow me to stay always updated on new content! 🙂

Finally, I really would like to thank you for your presence here on FinanceShot and I hope you like this kind of content. Have a good day!

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  1. Hi Dominico,

    I‘ve been following your journey for a few month now – congratulation on your great development so far!

    I myself do invest in ETFs + stocks and P2P. I now have roughly 1k each invested in Mintos and Bondora. Which platform would you recommend for me to try next to diversify my P2P investments?
    If you‘re interested you can find my current portfolio here on my website:

    Greetings and I‘m looking forward to your platform suggestion


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