My Passive Income Report – September 2018 + New investments

September just enden few days ago and I’m still working on my goal “Create a passive income of 100 EUR per month”. September had been a good month for me, my second best month in 2018.

I’ll divide my earnings site by site, as always, so you can check which sites works well.


In September I earned 6.83 EUR, a little bit less than the previous month. The return is 1,05% of the initial investment. Until today, I think that Mintos is the best site I invested on. That’s why this month I added 150 EUR to my balance.



In September through Grupeer I earned 15.40 EUR, way better the previuos months because of the referral income. The return is 6,16%, that’s very good, but I’m sure this is an exception. Also Grupeer is a very good opportunity to invest some money, that’s why this month I added 200 EUR to my balance, so I almost doubled it.



My earnings on EstateGuru are pretty stable. In August I earned 5.48 EUR (return is 0,78% of the initial investment). I added 200 EUR to my balance this month, because I believe in this project.



August had been a good month for me on RoboCash. I earned 1.89 EUR, 0.30 EUR less than the previous month, but it’s ok. The platform works really well, and I’m happy with it.



My earnings on Housers are always the same: 1.59 EUR. I don’t think I’m going to invest more money on this site in the short time.



In August on Twino I earned 3.58 EUR, the same as August. The return on the initial investment is 0,90%, not bad. I’m having some problems reinvesting my money on Twino because there aren’t loans available. This is not good!



The last one is ViaInvest, which made me earn 1.45 EUR (return of 0,73%). I’m not satisfied at all by this site, for the moment.


The total sum of my passive income for the month of September is 36.22 EUR. I’m truly happy about this income, even if I have to remember that more than 15 EUR comes from referral income.

As I said before, I added 200 EUR on my Grupeer and Estateguru balance and 150 EUR on Mintos one. These 3 sites are the best for the moment, so I decided to trust them.


I sold my Juventus shares (200), with an earnings of almost 40 EUR in 5 weeks.

Today I’ve also received my first dividends (yeeey!) from CocaCola shares. The sum is just 0.88 EUR, but this is only the beginning!

I’ll keep you up-to-date about my share portfolio, beacuse my plan is to create a diversified portfolio, that I’ll increase month by month.


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