My Short-Term Property Investment Portfolio – June 2018

In the previous post on this blog I wrote about my P2P lending portfolio. In this post I’m going to write about my short term property investment portfolio.

At the moment I invested in two different sites related to this kind of investment: EstateGuru and Housers.

The first one is an estonian site that allows you to invest in real estate projects. The second one works in the same manner but it’s italian-spanish.

I invested in EstateGuru and Housers at the end of the past year.

This is how my portfolio is composed at the moment.


In the next month I want to increase my EstateGuru’s investment because his performance are pretty good. Instead, I’m not investing anymore in Housers fort the moment, because there are few projects and with a lower return than EstateGuru.

In the next post I’ll talk about the return that I’m obtaining on this two sites. Stay tuned!


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