P2P Lending: My Monthly Earnings – May 2018

In a previous post on this site I talked about my P2P lending portfolio. In this post I’m going to write about my earnings related to this portfolio in the month of May 2018. This is a kind of post that I’ll write every single month, so if you’re interested stay tuned!


Mintos is my biggest P2P lending investment. I have 650 EUR invested on it at the moment. As you can see from the report below, in May I earned 8.67 EUR on Mintos (deposits+interest received+interest income on rebuy). Mintos categorize the referral commissions as “deposits”.


That’s a 1.33% return on the total initial investment. Not bad. I’m pretty sure that in the next month I’ll increase my Mintos balance.


Twino is my second P2P lending biggest investment. I have 400 EUR invested on it. In May I earned 3.02 EUR, as you can see from the report.


This is a 0.75% return on the total initial investment. For the moment I keep this balance on Twino. Return is not as good as Mintos one.


My investment on ViaInvest is just 200 EUR because a good percentage of loans is repaid late. I’ll keep this balance for the next month. In May I earned 1.26 EUR, that’s is a 0.63% (so bad!) of the total initial investment.


On robo.cash I have invested 150 EUR because I’m still trying it and for the moment I don’t want to increase my balance. In May I earned 2.29 EUR, that’s a 1.52% (pretty good!) return of the total initial investment.



On Grupeer I Invested 250 EUR. I’m sure that I’ll increase my balance because this site works really well. From Grupeer I’m earning interests and referral commissions, as you can see from the image below.


In May I earned 2.40 EUR of interests and 0.44 EUR of referral commissions, for a total of 2.84 EUR. That’s a 1.14% of the initial investment.


In May my P2P Lending portoflio make me gained 19.07 EUR. My goal is to increase this gains to at least 30 EUR per month before the end of the year. Firstly, I’ll increase my Mintos balance to 800 or maybe 900 EUR, and then Grupeer.

See you next month for June earnings!


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