Main Characteristics

  • Up to 12% of annual return
  • Biggest european P2P platform
  • Invest with BuyBack Guarantee
  • Secondary Market and Auto-Invest function

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My return on investment

My total deposit on Mintos: 691,23 EUR

My total withdraw on Mintos: 108,77 EUR

2020 – My return on investment / Monthly Average Return: + 1,60% / + 1,60%

2019 / 2018 – My Return on Investment: + 11,28% / + 10,38%

2019 / 2018 – My Monthly Average Return: + 0,94% / + 0,94%


Comments on the performance (Update: March 2020)

My deposits on Mintos:

  • 4 December 2017       –> 150 EUR
  • 1 March 2018              –> 200 EUR
  • 20 March 2018            –> 150 EUR
  • 24 April 2018               –> 150 EUR
  • 4 October 2018            –> 150 EUR
  • February 2020              –> Withdraw of 30 EUR
  • March 2020                    –> Withdraw of 78,77 EUR

I’m very satisfied about the performance that I’m obtaining on Mintos. The platform is performing really well, and I never had issues. The return obtained in 2018 (+10,38%) is a very good result, but in 2019 I expect to obtain an higher return. I really would like to reach a return of 11% in 2019.  I plan to invest more.

How to add funds

Remember that in order to register on Mintos you must be 18 or older. Moreover Mintos accept investors only if they have a bank account in the European Union or third countries currently considered to have AML/CFT systems equivalent to the EU, and if their identity is successfully verified by Mintos.

Investors can deposit in many currencies. You can see all the currencies accepted in the image below.


The investor can choose two different ways to add funds on his account: bank transfer or E-money service providers (like TransferWise, EasyChange and so on). Money will be available on the balance within 1-2 working days. Once the money is credited on your personal balance, you can start investing on Mintos. I personally use Bank Transfer.



Register for free on Mintos and earn a bonus (10+ EUR) on your investment

Auto-Invest function

My advice is to set up, as soon as possibile, the Auto-Invest function, that automatically invest your money in loans that satisfies the conditions you impose at the time of setup.

Below you can see an example of Auto-Invest setup. In the first picture you can see the loan originators, and you need to choose in which to invest. You can choose all loan originators or just some of those on the list. Then tou have to choose, where possible, the loan ratings, the loan type and the country. Finally, the most important thing: the BuyBack Guarantee. In addition, on Mintos loans covered by the BuyBack Guarantee protection are indicated by a shield without red line. Instead, the loan not covered are the ones with the shield with the red line.


In this second picture, there is the second part of the setup of the Auto-Invest function. Here you need to choose the range of interest rates you are interested to invest in and the range (in months) of the Remaining Loan Term.


Other important information are:

  • Portfolio Size: indicate how much money you want to dedicate to this particular Auto-Invest strategy.
  • “Do you want to reinvest?”: if you want to reinvest your earnings, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.
  • “Include loans already invested in”: if you want to permit the Auto-Invest to invest in loans in which you’ve already invested, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.
  • “Diversify across loan originators”: select Yes if you want to diversify your investments among many loan originators.
  • Investment in one loan: select how much (minimum and maximum) to invest in every single loan.

Once you have correctly inserted all the information, click “Save and Activate”.

You should choose your setup according to your objectives. I suggest you to invest in many different projects and loans, in order to diversify your portfolio and reduce the risk.

You can even choose one of the three Auto-Invest strategies provided by the platform, if you prefer.


Register for free on Mintos and earn a bonus (10+ EUR) on your investment

General Information

The minimum investment on a single loan is 10 EUR (or the equivalent in other currencies).

The range of interest offered by Mintos is 5% to 14% for the loan in EUR (consider that loans with a return of 14% are very rare). If you invest in other currencies interest rates can reach up to 19%.

As I said before, loans available on Mintos can be covered by the BuyBack Guarantee or not. BuyBack Guarantee is an important protection for the investor: loan originator will repurchase the loan from the investor if that particular loan is delayed by more than 60 days. The buyback guarantee is given at an individual loan level and is marked by .

Mintos do not act as Tax Substitute. In other words, we receive the total gross profit from our investments and we will have to pay taxes on this profit (in Italy the tax rate is 26%).

On Mintos we also have the Secondary Market, that allows investors to sell other investors their investments before they reach their maturity. It is very liquid, and it’s very easy to buy and sell loans.


P2P loans on the platform

Below I insert examples of the Loans that are available on Mintos. In this case I selected only loans in EUR. You can easily find all the most information about every single loan: loan originator, loan type, loan amount, interest rate, term and so on. Remember that you can select particular range of Interest Rate and Term by moving the little grey circles.



This is how it looks the Secondary Market, where you can buy or sell loans to other investors.


This is how it appears the dashboard of the platform. It’s here that you find your account balance, your NAR (Net Annual Return) and other important information about the performance of your investments.


In conclusion, this is the “My Investments” page. Here you can deeply check the performance of your investments. In particular, here you can find the composition of your portfolio, divided in: car loan, personal loan, short-term loan and business loan.


Register for free on Mintos and earn a bonus (10+ EUR) on your investment

If you don’t understand the meaning of one or more terms, I wrote an article that explain all the terms that I use. Check it out clicking here.

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