What’s this page?

This page is dedicated to all my favourite resources and tools. I mean books, podcasts, apps, websites and so on. Here you can always find all these elements so you can have an idea of what I like, what I read, what I listen to, what I use to invest. This page will always be a Work in Progress..


Financial Blogs

  • thewealthyfinn – Super interesting financial blog. Check it out if you’re interested in the Crowdfunding world.
  • thefinancialdiet – Countless articles about money, career, living and travel.
  • retireby40 – Joe is a retired engineer who’s teaching us how to create a stable passive income.
  • moneyunder30 – If you want lo learn how to better manage your money, check out this website.
  • financiallyfree – Follow the journey to Financial Freedom of Jorgen!
  • comediventarericco – Active Since 2008, Comediventare ricco is one of the most popular Italian Personal Finance Blog. I really suggest it to my italian readers!


  • Invest Like a Boss – It covers all aspects of investing in a very funny way. Most interesting topics are real estate, robo-advisors, P2P lending and equity crowdfunding.
  • The Side Hustle Show – It is created for part-time entrepreneurs who want to create a side hustle that can make them more financially free.
  • The Investing for Beginners Podcast – This podcast will teach you how to correctly invest in the stock market. Every week it gives you strategies and suggestions that you should follow to invest in the stock market for a profit.
  • 10% Happier – The main topics are: meditation, reduction of the stress and how to reach happiness one step at a time.
  • Project Life Mastery – It’s made by Stefan James, who tells his life strategies. The topics that you can find are very various. He talks about life management, how to be healthy and physically fit, how to be happy and productive.
  • Getting Things Done – It teaches you how to be stress-free in your life. It is like a philosophy based on 5 steps to follow to reach that goal.


  • Rich Dad Poor Dad – It doesn’t need any introduction. One of the pillars of financial literacy.
  • The Intelligent Investor – This is a more technical book, but I always share it with you because it’s a sort of Bible for the investing world.
  • Principles: Life and Work – In this book Ray Dalio, a famous investor and “the Steve Jobs of investing”, share his main priciples who has learned during his successfull life. 
  • The Automatic Millionaire – An easy and quick read with many helpful tips for personal finance success.
  • The Science to Getting Rich – One of the first self-help books (first publication in 1910) that explain how to achieve wealth in a scientific way.
  • Secrets of Millionaire Mind – The book is composed by 17 “Wealth Files” and the author uses them to describe the habits and the mindsets of millionaires.
  • Think and Grow Rich – This book offers the tools to learn how to start thinking like a millionaire.
  • AgeProof – The authors explain the connection between health and wealth, giving readers all the strategies, know-how, tools to live longer, healthier and more lucrative lives.
  • The Complete Turtle Trader – This incredibly interesting book tells the story of how Richard Dennis and his students (called Turtles) became millionaire through trading. 
  • Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader – This book explains what no one has before: how a professional trader can trade for a living.

Apps & Cards

  • Oval – This is one of the apps that I use to save money and invest. It allows us to invest in instruments similar to ETFs. Use the code DCQYB2KU to receive 5 EUR for free after your first transfer.
  • Hype – It’s a completely free prepaid card issued by Banca Sella. I use it while I’m travelling because I can withdraw without commissions wherever I want. Their app is very simple. Moreover if you register from this link you’ll receive 10 EUR for free after your first transfer (valid until 30 September 2019).
  • Curve – It’s a fantastic card: its main feature is that it can “contains” all your cards. You can insert them in a minute in the app and then you can bring with you only your Curve card. One another important feature is that when you have 2 or more connected cards you can decide which cards to use for your purchase even after the purchasing. it’s completely free and the app is very simple and useful. Use the code NVJ95QLN to receive £5 after your first transaction.



  • FIRE Calculator – Eelis at created this incredible FIRE Calculator. Check it out!


  • My Net Worth Tracker – The Excel spreadsheet that I created and use to track my Net Worth. If you’re following the Financial Freedom Challenge, you need it!
  • Kindle – I had the pleasure to receive it as a gift. If you’re a reader like me, you’ll love it!
  • Productivity Planner – Planning your day is very very important. This is one of my favourite Daily Planner.


  • SiteGround – This is my hosting company. I truly believe it’s one of the best in the world. I’m using it since the beginning of 2019 and I never had a problem. Moreover, it has a ridicolous starting price: only 3.95 EUR!
Web Hosting
  • Coinbase: Coinbase is the website that I use to buy or sell cryptocoins. By registering from this link, we’ll both receive up to 9 EUR after your first transaction of at least 90 EUR.
  • Our Telegram groups – I created two Telegram groups to discuss with you about personal finance, investing, self development and so on. Check them out: IT group, ENG group.
  • Dubli: Dubli is the Italian cashback website that I use the most. Use it to save on your online purchases on the most famous websites (Booking, Groupon, Expedia..).

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