Short-Term Property Investment: My Monthly Earnings – May 2018

In the post before I talked about my P2P lending monthly earnings. In this post I’m going to talk about my short-term property investment monthly earnings.

At the moment I have three different active investment related to this topic: EstateGuru, Housers and Bulkestate.

For now I’m not going to talk about Bulkestate because I have invested in one project on it and its deadline is in 2020. Until that moment, I don’t receive interests.

Instead, I receive monthly earnings from EstateGuru and Housers. In particular on EstateGuru I receive interests and referral commissions.


EstateGuru is my biggest investment at the moment. I have 700 EUR invested on it, divided on 7 different projects.


In may, I received 5.14 EUR of interests, 1.15 EUR of referral commissions ad 2.78 EUR of principal repayment.

I earned 6.29 EUR in total. That’s is a 0.90% of the initial investment.


On Housers I invested in 4 different projects, for a total of 450 EUR plus 25 EUR of registration bonus (it’s no more available).


In may I earned 2.12 EUR. Housers works as a tax substitute, so my net earnings at the end of the month were 1.59 EUR. That’s a 0.35% of the initial investment. Not good at all, that’s why I’n mot going to increase my investment on this site.

I’m going to write post like this every single month, so stay tuned!


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