The New Mintos Invest&Access

Mintos has released a new financial instrument. Its name is Mintos Invest&Access and it’s available to all Mintos investors. In this article I want to highlight its key points and explain to whom it’s suitable.

What is Mintos?

First of all, if you don’t already know Mintos read my review of this P2P Lending platform. Briefly, Mintos is the most famous and biggest european P2P Lending platform. I invested for the first time on Mintos in december 2017. Since then I increased my balance because it is performing really well.

If you’re not already registered on Mintos, click here to register.

By reading the review/guide that you find on this blog you can learn how to register on Mintos and how to properly use it to earn a monthly passive income.

On Mintos is already available the AutoInvest function, that allows investors to invest on loans that meets predetermined requirements chosen by the investor. He can choose the range of interest rate, the rating of the loans and many other aspects.

Mintos Invest & Access is a more basic function, suitable for investors that do not want to use the AutoInvest function or to those who want to combine them.

How to set up the Mintos Invest&Access instrument

In order to use this new function, log on the platform and go to the page Invest. Here you will find the Invest&Access function.

This is how it’ll appears:


The first thing that investors need to do is to choose the Portfolio Target and then the platform will do the rest. The Portfolio Target is the amount of your money that will be dedicated to the Invest&Access instrument. As you can see in the image below, the minimum target is 500 EUR, while the maximum is 100000 EUR. I set the target of 500 EUR just to try this instrument. This means that the platform will add and invest money until the total amount invested on this instrument will reach 500 EUR. For the moment I have only 23 EUR invested. I’ll try it for a month to see how it performs.

Portfolio Target

Once you have selected the Portfolio Target the platform will start to invest your money in a well diversified portfolio of loans. Remember that you can’t choose on which loans to invest.

Mintos Invest&Access Key Points

This is how it’ll appears your Portfolio after you have chosen the Target. You can see the amount invested (in my case 22.96 EUR), the Portfolio’s composition, the average interest rate and the average term of the loans.

Portfolio Details

For instance, at the moment my money is invested in a portfolio composed by Dinero, Hipocredit, GetBucks and ID Finance loans with an average interest rate of 13.2% (not bad!) and an average term of 16 months and 6 days.

That’s all. From now on the platform will automatically invest your money until the Target is reached. You just have to check how your investments are performing.

One important aspect is the possibility to Cash Out. You can decide at any time to remove a part or all your investment in Invest&Access. The platform will automatically sell your loans to other Invest&Access investors and your money will be available within few minutes. This is a big plus, because it makes this function suitable for those who want an easy liquidity of their investments.

You just have to open the Cash Out page and insert the amount of money you want to remove from your Portfolio, then click Cash Out.

F. A. Q. about Mintos Invest&Access

  • Can I change the diversification of my Portfolio? No, you can’t.
  • Can I sell the late loans of my Portfolio? At the moment, no. In future you will be able to sell them on the Secondary Market.
  • How can I stop my investment on Invest&Access? Cash Out all your money or set the Portfolio target to 0.


We’ve seen how Mintos Invest&Access works and its main features. I think that this function is able to guarantee us a great diversification, but in my opinion it’s a little bit limitating, because we can’t choose any parameter.

I’m the kind of investor who likes to choose on what to invest. But as I said before I’ll try this function for at least a month to see how it performs.

In conclusion, my first impression is that Mintos Invest&Access is suitable for passive investors.

Are you using Mintos Invest&Access? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

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