What is Celsius Network?

Many of you asked me “What is Celsius Network”? That’s why I decided to write a review of Celsius Network, the platform that I use to earn interests on my cryptocoins.

Celsius Network” is the name of a digital platform useful for earning interest on your cryptocurrencies. The dream of many people who use cryptocurrencies as income is to obtain passive rents with digital platforms. Celsius Network allows you to achieve just that, using not only Bitcoin but also many other cryptocurrencies. Among these are also XRP, ETH, ZEC, LTC, and many others. The Celsius Network app also allows you to use a welcome code useful to immediately get $10 bonus. The digital platform also has many other features and particularities.

What is it and who was it founded by?

Celsius Network was born from Celsius Network Inc., an American company founded in 2017. The digital application instead was born in 2018, precisely in July 2018 and was connected to the Ethereum platform. A month after its birth, the app has had 3 very important updates that have allowed it to increase its functions. Today the company have 450 million invested and above all many customers (more than 67k).
The main members of the Celsius Network are several people, such as Alex Mashinsky. This man is the one who invented the possibility of making calls over the Internet. You can check here the team of Celsius.

What is Celsius Network?

The app was born for two main purposes. One of these objectives is to function as a “wallet“, that is an online “place” in which you can keep your cryptocurrencies safe. Another purpose, on the other hand, is to be able to earn income from passive investment. A large number of people rely on this second aim. But be careful: all interests and investments concern only cryptocurrencies. A positive factor is that there is no need to make a restriction on the amounts deposited, to obtain the economic interests. To obtain passive earnings, it will only be necessary to leave the cryptocurrencies on the wallet.

How to download Celsius Network?

To obtain the Celsius Network app, simply download it from the “Apple Store” or from the “Play Store“. This means that this digital platform can be downloaded on both Apple and Android phones. Once downloaded, simply create an account on this app. To create a profile it will be necessary to enter some data, such as personal data, but also to enter a Gmail address or even connect with the Facebook profile. As soon as you have finished creating your account, you will have to keep your password, i.e. the PIN, and also the various data with which to access. These data must be used every time you want to access your account.

How does Celsius Network work?

Celsius Network works as a money deposit. There are many accepted cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, OmiseGO, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, Stellar, Dash, TrueUSD, Gemini Dollar, Paxos, USD Coin, MakerDAO (DAI).

But how do we get interests? Passive returns can be obtained without doing anything, but two methods are used. One is to always receive interests with other cryptocurrencies, or in the “CEL” mode. The difference is that with CEL you will an higher interest. Each cryptocurrency has different economic interests. Even if the interest is annual, the customer is able to pocket it every week.

A particular function of Celsius Network

Celsius Network also works with the peer-to-peer system to allow you to have loans on cryptocurrencies. The digital app is therefore also used to have money loans, which however follow precise rules. There are economic interests to be paid in case a loan is requested.

How much do you earn with Celsius Network?

These are the current annual interest rates on some of the cryptocoins available on Celsius Network:

Interest rates change almost every week, so so not take these rates as real if you’re reading this post many days after its publication.

Check out this page to find out the current rates.

The other advantages of Celsius Network

What are the advantages of Celsius Network? First of all, it is one of the few applications that allow you to earn directly from your mobile phone without having to do anything. Just open an account and deposit a sum of money. Then you just have to wait for the money.

Many users said they had a great time with Celsius Network for several reasons. Among the various reasons, there is simplicity: the app is very simple to use and there are no instructions to learn. It is a platform that can be used by any person, provided he is 18 years old and provided he has a mobile phone. The app is also very fast and also enjoys excellent technical assistance. If a customer experiences difficulties and has problems, he can immediately contact customer support. The service is always active and a person will respond promptly to help resolve, or the online service will take place. Celsius Network is therefore an app full of advantages and also very easy to use.

How to get the Welcome Bonus on Celsius Network?

The Celsius Network app guarantees a welcome bonus that can be obtained by registering from this link. This code allows you to have $10 as a bonus once you transfer $200 in cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

I hope you liked this review, and as always I’m here if you need anything!

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